Today’s paper quilled jewelry tip is not a new one, I already blogged about it for #3 here.

However, I was making some earrings this week and I just had to show you how important this tip is!

These two pairs of earrings follow the same pattern (if you like the pattern you can find it for sale here on Etsy).

paper quilled jewelry tip - Honey's Quilling

The difference is in the length of paper that I used for the two hoops.  First I made the pair on the left.  As you can see, the paper kind of warped.  These were for a customer, so I definitely had to re-do them!  The second time I used a length of paper that was 50% longer.  It creates a border shape that is MUCH more sturdy and does not warp easily when it is glued together or when the sealant is added.

Another thing to keep in mind is the thickness of the paper itself!  Some papers are heavier/thicker than others (often, but not always, the darker colors are heavier).  So with the thicker papers you don’t need as long of a piece.  But if you are using a thinner paper, you will definitely want to add some length to it, regardless of what the exact pattern is that you are following.

If your final jewelry piece looks a bit too delicate, too wobbly, too uneven, too warped, etc. remake it using this tip and I’ll bet you will get a finer looking final piece!  It’s kind of a pain sometimes to redo your work, but the happiness of customers (or yourself, friends, etc.) is definitely worth it!

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