Today I am sharing a fun pair of earrings that I actually made a couple years ago.  I developed this pattern for the premium tutorial that includes many teardrop and marquis designs. I never got around to listing the actual earrings in my online shop, though, since the photos that I originally took are stuck on my old computer which is inaccessible.  So the other day as I was taking photos of some other earrings I finally decided to retake photos of this lovely pair and get it listed in my Zibbet shop.

Maroon Ombre Paper Quilled Teardrop Earrings - Honey's Quilling

This was the first pair of earrings that I made with a modern ombre theme.  The pinks flow down getting darker until they turn deep maroon.

Maroon Ombre Paper Quilled Teardrop Earrings - Honey's Quilling

For those of you who make your own paper quilled jewelry, you can get the exact pattern for these earrings here.

For those of you looking to purchase these unique and fun earrings, they are available here in my Zibbet shop.  They can also be specially made in any other color combo.

Maroon Ombre Paper Quilled Teardrop Earrings - Honey's Quilling

Like most of my jewelry, these have niobium findings, so they are very hypoallergenic as well as non tarnish. You can find niobium findings in my Zibbet shop, on Amazon, or in other online shops.

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