With a classic craft like paper quilling, a beginner might assume that all the tools used for it are very simple.  And in one way they’d be right. You don’t need much at all to start quilling!  In fact, you can even give it a try for free!

But let’s face it, if you are an avid crafter, you consequently just loooove trying anything new.  And luckily there are many quilling companies out there coming up with new things all the time for us to try.  Yippee!!

One new thing that came out a few years ago are motorized or electric quilling tools.  These are usually slotted tools that are attached to a base with a button.  You press the button and the top of the tool spins, thereby rolling up your paper.  Awesome!   In today’s post I wanted to share with you some of the electric quilling tools you can find on the market.  At the bottom there is a link to a video on youtube that show you how to use them.

Quill Ease 

The first electric quilling tool that I heard of is called Quill Ease and is made by a company called 3 Birds Studio, based in the US.  It is a company that has a variety of craft products, but this seems to be their only quilling item (as far as I can tell).  It came out in 2014 and sold out super fast at the time, as it was very new on the market.  I haven’t tried it myself yet.  You can get one on Amazon and sometimes in other online quilling shops.  Check your favorite shop to see if it is instock!

Since the time the Quill Ease came out I have seen a few more electric quilling tools on the market from various companies.  Here are some of them:

Super Quiller

The super quiller is made by the company Let’s Quill On, based in India.  They have a large line of their own paper quilling products, many of them unique.  One unique thing about their electric quilling tool is that you can also get a crimper top for it.

Some of their other exclusive products include glow-in-the dark paper strips, self-sticking paper strips, and fun kits for kids. I have tried the Super Quiller  (click here to read my review) and it works well.  My daughter enjoys using it for quilling as she finds it time consuming to use a regular tool.  You can find them on Amazon in the US as well as on the company’s own fun website.



The two brands above seem to be the biggest brands, with the Super Quiller being the newer, more easily available, with more features.  However, there are others if you search around.  I haven’t tried these, but you can read the reviews on Amazon to see if you’d like to try them out.

This white one you see below is is called an electric paper quilling tool and comes with two tips. One tip is a narrow slotted tool and the other is a larger barrel.  I’m guessing that the larger barrel would be more useful for making paper beads?  It doesn’t really explain in the description.  This one has several great reviews, which is encouraging!


There seems to be one more main one available on Amazon. It is a similar one sold by two different vendors as you can see below.  It comes with two nibs – one is a regular slotted tool tip and the other has a wide base so you can more easily roll large tight rolls.  Neither of these have reviews, so I certainly don’t know how the tool is. But if you are in the mood for trying something new, you might want to give it a try.


Using the Tools:

There is a slight learning curve when using motorized quilling tools.  You need to hold the paper right while spinning or else your piece will be messed up.  It is pretty easy to figure out after a couple crumpled up pieces, or you can watch a youtube video for a quick and easy visual.


Have you used a motorized or electric quilling tool?  Did you like it?

Stick around since there is lots to see on the blog!

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