As regular readers will know, I love trying new quilling products!  One new quilling paper provider on the market in the US is Little Circles.  Erin, the super talented lady behind the scenes, makes colorful quilled jewelry and stunning quilled artwork as well.  You can see both on her facebook page and some in her Etsy shop as well.  She has also started selling her own line of quilling papers called Culture Pop.  I have been eager to get my hands on some for the past couple years, and finally made an order about a month ago.

I love being able to have a very wide choice of colors when I make quilled jewelry, so I tried to pick out some hues that were different from any that I have from Lake City Craft or Paplin, the two other brands I use most of.   I picked out a blue assortment, a red/pink assortment, and some random greens and some brown shades as well.  Next time I’ll pick out even more shades!  But this is good for a start.  Here are the colors I picked.  As you might be able to tell, I have an affinity for red and for natural/brownish hues.  I also gravitate towards bright blues and aquas.

Culture pop papers - Honey's Quilling

I’ve got some great design ideas in mind, now I jut need to sit down and get started!

But here is what I was MOST excited about: these quilling forms!  These are bamboo sticks, softly pointed on either end, with the measurement printed on each one.  They are actually originally intended for knitting, but they sure do make perfect quilling forms!  I’ve been wanting these tools since I first saw them in Erin’s shop!!  I love my Border Buddy, but this makes inside diameters that are a lot smaller than the Border Buddy can do. I’ll definitely be using these on some fun designs with her bright papers.

And look at the adorable freebie pack of papers!  It’s so cute I almost don’t want to open it, but I will, and I’ll make something awesome.

Culture Pop quilling tools - Honey's Quilling

Stay tuned for some new quilled jewelry designs coming up!

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