A few weeks ago I posted some photos of some rings that my daughter, Svara, made.  Today I’m sharing the rings that I was making at the same time.  I’m so grateful for the times that we get to sit down and craft together!

The inset ring blanks for this project were sent to me from Panda Hall.  The project ideas and opinions are my own.

The first ring I made was this spiral with this large round bronze ring tray.  Personally I don’t wear such large rings, but it was still a lot of fun creating a design for the tray!  I chose to make a spiral with different shades of blue (click here to view a free tutorial for making a spiral with paper strips).  The ring tray fit the 1/8″ (3mm) width papers perfectly.  I used Diamond Glaze to glue the piece in and to coat the top for a hard, water resistant, and shiny finish.  It was a little bit tricky getting the spiral to be exactly the right size.  It is hard to say how much paper to use for this project, because it depends on how tight you roll your spiral and how thick your paper is.  At first I made mine a little too big, so I had to trim each layer of the spiral just a little bit and test again.  When finally it was the right size I then glued down all the ends, glued the piece in, and coated it in Diamond Glaze.  I place my rings upright in a piece of styrofoam while they dry so that the top dries flat.  You can see that in this post about another quilled ring.

spiral paper quilled ring - Honey's Quilling


The second ring I made with this smaller square inset ring tray. This ring is a better size for me personally.  I decided to make a bunch of tight rolls in different colors and glue them in.  I misjudged at first and had way more than would fit, oops!  So I just picked the ones that fit best and stuck them in.  Again I glued them down with Diamond Glaze and then coated the top with it as well.  This ring tray was actually not as deep as the large round one, so I used narrow paper (1/16″, 1.5mm) and it fit perfectly.  It would be fine to use 1/8″ paper as well, it would just stick up over the edge, but that’s okay, it would still be just as sturdy as long as it has something like Diamond Glaze protecting it.

square inset paper quilled ring tray - Honey's Quilling


Have you used ring trays for any quilling designs?

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*The ring trays pictured here were supplied free of charge by Panda Hall.  All other products and supplies mentioned in this post I purchased and/or made on my own.

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