Svara is back today to share some paper quilling icecream cone earrings that she made awhile back!  I’ll let her tell you all about them:

Hi everyone!  I’m back and I’ve been waiting to show you these earrings I made.  I feel proud about these earrings because of the hard work I put into them and I think they look pretty and original.  I made them to sell at the Makerfest a few months ago.  But I ended up keeping them for myself.  I can make more, though, if anyone wants a pair!

Here is how I made them:

For the cones, use 12″ long strips of brown or tan quilling paper. Put the rolls into a circle sizing guide to make sure they are both the same size.  Glue them closed. Shape them into a teardrop.  With tweezers or fingers to pinch the two top two times as shown below to make a long triangle shape.

For the icecream, use 6″ long strips of any color of your choice.  Roll the quilling paper into a circle and use a circle guide to make sure they are both the same size. Pinch each circle into a teardrop first and then pinch the other side to make a semi circle.

For the cherries, use a red or pink short strip of paper. Roll them into small tight rolls.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's paper quilling icecream cone earrings

Glue an icecream and a cherry to each cone.  Use a toothpick to put a strip of glue at the bottom of the semi circle (icecream) and stick it to a cone. Next put a drop of glue on the bottom of the cherry and stick it to the icecream.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's paper quilling icecream cone earrings

You can use these for earrings if you make two of them, as I did. Or you can stick it on a card.  You can also use it for a pendant or magnet. You can make them bigger by sticking more than one quilling strip together to make bigger shapes.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's paper quilling icecream cone earrings

I hope you had fun learning and reading about how to make these ice cream quilling earrings.  Please look at my page for more things that I have made.

Back to me now (Honey).  We used Diamond Glaze to seal these earrings so they are sturdy and water resistant.  Click here to read all about using Diamond Glaze on your quilled jewelry, and click here to see all the posts I have about using different sealants.

Svara uses this workboard and this circle sizing guide for her quilling work.  You can click here to learn how to make your own circle sizing board.

Stick around, there is lots to see here!

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