What a busy month it has been, working on my entry for the Little Circles yearly quilling contest!  I am not allowed to show photos of the project before the public voting, so I have nothing new to share here at the moment.  So it’s back to the vault for some things that I have not shared here on this blog.

Today I am sharing some simple quilling shapes that can be used for frames, gift tags, greeting cards, etc.  Sometimes it can be helpful just to browse quilling photos to get ideas for projects.

Beach Set

This set of quilling shapes was made with a beach theme in mind.  It would be useful for a greeting card or as decoration in a frame or on the outside of a frame.  Click here for a free tutorial on how to make the palm trees

Paper quilling beach set - Honey's Quilling


Sometimes you just need some small simple flowers for your design.  Here are a few that I made long ago.

paper quilled small flowers

Gift Tags

One great use for small pieces of quilling is to decorate gift tags.  Then you can just write your personal note, tape it on your gift, and it’s ready to go!  I usually make these ahead of time and then when I need one I pick one that has the right colors/design and use it.  The ones on the left in the middle are fun to make with leftover quilling pieces.  I put together two strips of paper that are about 3″ long and roll them together.  If you let go, they will spring apart and you can roll the two ends sticking out and then glue the whole thing on the card.  A cool modern look that uses up those paper scraps!

paper quilling gift card ideas - Honey's Quilling

These little gifts are great for gift tags, place cards at a party, etc.  Click here for a free tutorial!

paper quilled small gift

Summer Time

Some fun summery designs.  The sun designs I used for magnets.

summer time paper quilling


Do you sometimes just make random little designs, not knowing what you are going to do with them? Usually I make gift tags out of them, but sometimes I just keep them around in a container until I decide what I want them for!  Other ideas are to use them on bookmarks, door hangers, magnets, etc.

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