One of my favorite things about paper quilling is that it can be adapted to so many uses and so many design styles.  Although I absolutely love making paper quilled jewelry, I like to take time and make other types of projects as well.  This is a project that was one of my favorites of all time.  It was a gift I made for my in-laws.  Since I knew that they had a Persian style carpet in their living room, I set out to create a design that was also inspired by a Persian carpet.  I googled Persian carpets for inspiration and made a few sketches of possible designs.  I chose one design and went ahead and created it.  When I create a design based on a sketch it always turns out looking different (and better!) than the sketch.  It is difficult to estimate the exact sizes of things that you make when you are sketching.  When you actually create the design you might find that a smaller or larger size looks better for a certain element.  So if you use sketches to start off your quilling designs, don’t be afraid to venture off track if it feels right!

Here is a photo of the whole finished pieces, and then a couple of close-up views below.

paper quilling persian carpet frame design

This is a closeup of the top left side.  Notice I used gold colored paper as a sideways roll on the maroon single flower.  I also used the gold paper to make a little bell for the center of the large ivory/maroon flower.  You can’t see the side of the bell very well since this is a top view photo, but it created a lovely accent.  I also added some gold paper to some of the leaf scrolls.

paper quilling persian carpet frame design

If you look closely you can see where I added in the gold papers.  If I was to do this project again I would use white paper that has a gold edge so that the gold could be seen from the top view as well.  But in real life I also love the gold on the sides because you don’t only look at an art piece from the top, you look at it from all angles!

paper quilling persian carpet frame design

I look forward to creating another piece someday again based on a Persian carpet design. There is something about those designs that just calls out “Quill Me!”

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