To be able to take great photos of my quilled jewelry, multiple things must fall into place.  Firstly, I must find the time!  Secondly, I must find a place with good lighting (natural but indirect lighting is the best!).  Those are the two biggest issues.  Sadly, at the time when I can get the best lighting (afternoon) it is also one of my busiest times of day when I am caring for my two daughters and trying to get some dinner made.  So I am usually behind in photographing my pieces.  Right now I’m behind in photographing quite a few pieces, but I just haven’t found that afternoon time to do it!  So I had to make do and photograph them in the evening, using non-optimal indoor lighting.  Thankfully the pictures can still turn out okay (not AS good, but usable) because of the camera having many settings to fiddle with and a tripod to hold the camera still!

Having said all of that, I recently took some of those evening photos and was able to get a few more of my owl pieces listed on etsy.  I wanted to show them all here as well so you can take a peek!

First up is this pink accented snowy owl/barn owl.  I actually have one of these owls that is white with black accents, just like a real snowy owl.  I’ve tried to photograph it, but it’s tricky to photograph bright white pieces, so I need to take another try at that!

pink snowy owl made with paper quilling - Honey's Quilling


Continuing with the pink theme, here is a smaller pink feathery owl pendant.

pink feather owl pendant paper quilled - Honey's Quilling


The third pendant I managed to photograph is this lovely cream and maroon colored large owl.  

large maroon owl pendant made by paper quilling - Honey's Quilling



And lastly, I have this pendant in my shop already, but I also made it as a set with some tiny matching earrings that are just SO adorable!  This neon set is trendy and fun!

neon owl earring and pendant set - Honey's Quilling



If you are interested in learning how to make these and other owl designs yourself, I have a detailed tutorial here in my Etsy shop.  It is available as a digital download at both shops.

paper quilling tutorial quilled owl earrings jewelry



If you are just getting started, I have a FREE tutorial for the small simple owl pendant (the neon one in the tutorial photo above) right here on the blog!

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