Yesterday I posted about the Dogbert and Dilbert magnets that I had made for my brother.  Here is another magnet I made as a gift, this time for my father.  He is an avid gardener, so I thought this was fitting.

paper quilled carrot magnet by Honey's Quilling

Again I made quite tight rolls, but let them expand just enough so that the could be shaped.  I had to press quite hard to get them into the right shape, but it worked!  I added sealant to make it sturdy (find sealants  here on Amazon, here at or here at Blue Moon Scrapbooking).  The sealant I used here was liquid sealer
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I glued a magnet on the back.  I like making quilled magnets because it’s something that will be displayed and is also useful!

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paper quilled carrot magnet by Honey's Quilling

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