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Quilling for Kids - Svara's Paper Quilled Dragonfly

This beautiful dragonfly took a long time to make.  At first I thought I could make quilled eyes that would fit perfectly in the head.  But then I saw my mom sorting through her little plastic beads.  I thought they would work perfectly for eyes.  So I chose some little red beads and they looked just right.  At first I thought I would also put it on a card to give to somebody, but I haven’t gotten a chance yet.

Quilling for Kids - Svara's Paper Quilled Dragonfly

To make this dragonfly I used a circle guide board to make the 4 circles for the wings.  Then I pinched them on two sides and put them aside while I made the body.  I used a normal slotted quilling tool to make the pieces for the body and the head.  Then I glued together the body and wings. Then I put two little spots of glue on the head.  I used tweezers to put the beads on the spots of glue. I let it dry for about a day.

Warning if you make this dragonfly:  If you pick up the dragonfly without it being on a flat surface, the middle of the wings will go down.  So be aware of how you hold it.

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