Here is the last in the my little series of ‘5 Quilling Supplies’ posts.  First I posted about my top 5 necessary quilling tools, then my top 5 fun and almost necessary quilling supplies.  Next were 5 tools that I have, but haven’t tried yet.  Here is the last installment!

I have a lot of quilling supplies. In fact, I even have several that I have bought, but haven’t had a chance to try yet! But here is a list of 5 things that are on my ‘want to buy’ list that I don’t have, but want to try.

  1. Mirror paper quilling strips – These new strips from Paplin are shiny metallic colors on one side, and white on the other. The colors are just so brilliant and reflective! I don’t think they would work for every project, but I bet they’d work really nicely for some jewelry projects.
    Mirror Assortment 1/8 9000
  2. Quillease slotted quilling tool – This new quilling tool works by battery power to make rolling strips fast and put less stress on the hand. It’s not something I need, but it would be fun to try out!
    Quill Ease 3Birds
  3. Paper Bead Girl Adhesive Sealer – I love to try out new sealants. In fact, I have 3 or 4 that I still haven’t tested yet! But here is one that I don’t have yet. It is made particularly for paper beads, so I’m sure it’d be fantastic for paper quilled jewelry!
    Paper Bead Adhesive Sealer
  4. Flutter Cutter Die Cut Machine – I don’t have a die cutter (some day!) but I think this little one will be just the right one to start with. It is way more affordable than the big ones, and it’d be fun to make all those little flowers and leaves with it.
    Flutter Cutter Die Cut Machine W/Bonus
  5. Precision work board – This work board caught my eye several years ago. It is now available through Paplin, and you can also get it in other places.  I honestly am not sure how useful this board is. My first impression is that it wouldn’t be much more useful than the circle guide board, but I just have this itch to try it for myself and see!
    Precision Guide Work Board

What quilling tools/supplies do you have on your “want to try” list and why?

Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and stick around to view some more great pages here!

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