Today I am continuing my “5 quilling supplies” series. First I posted my top 5 necessary tools. Next were my top 5 fun and almost necessary quilling supplies. Today I am sharing 5 tools that I have, but haven’t gotten around to using yet. It’s not that I don’t want to, I’ve just been busy in the past few months when I got the tools. I am definitely looking forward to experimenting with them!

  • Deluxe Crimper – This crimper looks so smooth and fancy, yet also simple.  I actually have never worked with crimped paper yet, so I’m really looking forward to giving this a try.  I have a feeling that my daughter will have a blast with this one!
    Crimper Deluxe 319
  • Spiral Blossom Template – I’ve used this method to make big flowers for table decorations, so I know how the concept works.  I want to try and see if the roses from this template would look good enough, or are sturdy enough, for making jewelry out of.  I’ll keep you updated!
    Spiral Blossom Template 318
  • Ultimate Quilling Tool – A quiller can’t have too many tools, right?  As you can see from this post I have quite a few tools that I have had for awhile.  Some I use all the time and some I use occasionally.  So why another tool?  Because it’s there!  It claims to be ultimate, so of course I feel the need to try it and see what I think.  Again, I’ll keep you updated when I give it a try!
    Slotted Tool Ultimate 3197
  • Quilling Comb – I am honestly a little embarrassed to admit that I haven’t used my quilling comb yet.  I’ve been quilling for about 26 years and never used it??  Well, I’ve only had mine for a few years, but still!!  I know, I know!  I will, I will!!
    Onion Holder Combing Spreuer 15 Pins Tool 309
  • Fringing Scissors – This is a pretty new tool, and I just recently got one for myself also.  I don’t make fringed flowers often, but I’m still looking forward to seeing how well these perform.  I think they’d be fun for my daughter to try as well.
    Fringing Scissors 320

I’m thinking that maybe after writing this post it will remind me to give these new fun tools a try soon!  Do you have any quilling supplies that you already ordered but for some reason you haven’t tried them out yet?  Or am I just weird? 😉

Feel free to leave any comments or questions, and stick around to view some more great pages here!

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