Hi folks!  When I’m planning a Quillspiration post I often go to my quilling boards on Pinterest and browse.  When I see a few great projects of a similar theme, I choose that theme and search for more projects that go with it.

This time my eye was caught by some gorgeous quilled flowers.  But I decided I cannot do a Quillspiration post just on quilled flowers, there would be waaaaay too many to choose from!!  So I decided to do a series of Quillspiration posts with quilled flowers, starting with some gorgeous paper quilled iris flowers that caught my eye.

Since I am focusing on only paper quilled iris flowers, I am sharing designs from simple to complex, so if you are looking for inspiration for a project you can choose from a difficulty level that fits your project!

Here is a cute little paper quilled iris greeting card.  Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and more!  Made by Jill from Paper Daisy Cards on Etsy.

This simple, yet sweet, iris is available as a kit so you can make your own greeting card with this lovely design!  Find it here on Amazon.

These pretty irises are made from large coils that are pressed flat and tightly shaped into the petals, I love the look!  This art piece was made by Natalin_ka.  Click here to view more photos of the project.

These cute purple irises are made from crimped paper by Maria from Seasons Quilling.  Click here for more photos of the project on her blog, and visit her Etsy shop here.

Here is a beautiful paper quilled iris in the more modern “on edge” style of quilling, by Cris Tan.  Click here to view the photo on the facebook page, and have a browse through some of Cris’s other beautiful pieces of work!

This beautiful deep red paper quilled iris was made by Elena K.  It is also in the modern on edge style, but uses crimped papers for a unique look. Click here for more photos of the piece.

This gorgeous paper quilled iris is the first one that I saw, it inspired this collection.  The detail is amazing!  Click here to view more photos of the project by Saphir.

I don’t usually put two pieces by the same artist in one Quillspiration post, but this one is too gorgeous not to share!  PLUS it has step by step photos so if you want to attempt a piece as detailed as this you can get some hints from it.  Click here to view all the photos of this stunning piece by Saphir.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of paper quilled iris flowers!  Have you ever quilled an iris?  Which one of these is your favorite?

Here are some more Quillspiration roundups!

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